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E-Cig Reviews

Electronic cigarettes, or 'e cigs', are an increasingly popular alternative to old fashioned tobacco.

Opening up an e cig starter pack, received in the post, you find your e cigarette, a dozen or so screw-in refill cartridges, a couple of lithium batteries and chargers for mains plug and USB ports.

The e cigarette works by introducing tiny liquid nicotine droplets, via an atomizer in the refill cartridge, to the main e cigarette, which then vaporizes when you inhale. The end glows red when you do this, which is a nice touch and looks very realistic. Upon exhaling, liquid vapour comes out of your mouth, looking like smoke.

But unlike smoke does not smell. You can use the e cig legally in pubs and other public places and it lasts much longer and is cheaper than tobacco smoking.